Who We Are

The RentaCarDataAPI is offered by Aggregate Intelligence, Inc (AI), headquartered in Burlingame, California and with offices in Europe and India.

What We Do
Our mission is to create the link between the dispersed, collective intelligence in the world, manifested in public data or crowd-sourceable opinion, and the needs of tens of thousands of people and companies to make better decisions every minute of every day. We provide solutions that enable companies in travel, retail and eCommerce to price better for success, understand better how their products are perceived and compared, and to understand what factors can best improve the perception of their products to their customers.

Over 15 years of R&D

Aggregate Intelligence is backed by 15 years of R&D into AI-driven data processing and analytics applied to all kinds of structured and unstructured business information.

Our Team

We have over 200 worldwide staff dedicated to aggregating, cleaning, analyzing and deriving intelligence from data.